Welcome to my fledgling website! I used to do tons of cartooning and creative writing.  That all came to an abrupt end when I went to college (see my “Stages of Education” cartoon).

I attempted to get my early works and humor online back in 2010, but “computer speak” proved too much for my little brain, and I was reduced to a quivering mass of Jello.  My first cartoon appeared online compressed to the size of a postage stamp after countless hours of work.  I gave up.

Fast forward to 2013.  My site is finally now up and running thanks to the invaluable help of a dear friend.

Timing became critical in an odd and horrible way:

My whole life was turned upside down the morning of September 30, 2010 when I awoke to screaming and gunfire.

I am dedicating this website to my Mother, Donna Horwitz.  She was the only one who ever believed in me.  My Father is gone, and she is serving a life sentence for his murder.  She was in a horrible place even before that because of his mental cruelty.

What began as a website to showcase my old creative side is also my best way to get the truth out there for her and help her with her legal appeal.  The whole story will appear on

“48 Hours” on CBS this October 12, 2013.

Our Justice System failed my Mom.

Donations are appreciated to help keep my site up and running and to help with my Mother’s legal appeal.  She deserves justice.  If the judge had actually known all of the DOCUMENTED facts, she would not be where she is now.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.  I truly hope that you enjoy my unique sense of humor!

Radley Horwitz

October, 2013