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I wrote this back when Mr. Sheen was on the news quite a bit.  I even joined Twitter under the moniker “Tragic Chicken” just to see his last words go by. To my pleasant surprise, he’s still kicking as of… November 16, 2013…

“win.”  For him.  Heh.




“Charlie Sheen Passion Fruit”

By Radley Horwitz

March 8, 2011

Fly forth like Sheen

If you know what I mean

Machete moonwalk

Mulholland mamba

My Eightball Hero

Scores one for the Masses

CBS’s score: zero

Fuck their executive asses!

“Free at last”

You do attest

With a machete

Across your breast

Take to the hills

Take to the blogs

You wage holy battle

With those filthy dogs

A bit more mental

Than Blago himself

My favorite Platoon Star

My over-sized Elf!

To a teenage girl,

You are my glitter

I now even follow you

On that annoying ‘Twitter’!

Party into the night

They will not smite you

With their lawyers and words

They try vainly to fight you

His witticisms—endless!

His rants are sublime!

He moves me

to write this now

For I fear…

he hasn’t much time.


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