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This one speaks for itself.



Ladybug Nightmare

By Radley Horwitz


They cast those spells

With their M&M shells…


Ladybug Pestilence

Buzzing thru the sky

Grab that Raid,

Do or die!

Cute n’ harmless with

Their M&M shell

Grab you by the feelers

And drag you to hell

Screams of terror

Your world gone black

10 Million Ladybugs on

your back

Buzzing and teeming

Their intentions revealed

These bloody scars

Will never be healed

Over my shoulder,

A yellow spot on the floor…

I see it move,

I dash for the door

But its too late

I suffer a similar

 Ladybug Fate

My vision fades,

My hearing goes mute

And as I expire, I think,

“how cute”.

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