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The last line of this one is too be shrieked aloud when you read it with the accent from the guy at the end of “Taxi Driver” when DeNiro blasts part of his hand off. The guy chases DeNiro down the hall, screaming “Ah keeeel you!  Ah keeeel you!” and beating him with his bloody nub!

I always used to fuck around with my friends in the old days who had a video game system.  If we were playing 2 player, I would just chase the other character around screaming “ah keeeel youuu!” with his crazy accent from the movie…

This is a lengthy explanation, but it could also explain why I may the the only one who may actually laugh reading it.  I can deal with that.




Laugh yourself Dead

By Radley




Laugh yourself Dead

On your head

In your bed

I busta you head

Poor Giuseppe,

Ah keel you!



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