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“Razorblade Cheesecake Kangaroo”

February 16, 2011

By Radley Horwitz

Her name was Razorblade Cheesecake Kangaroo.

In her pocket she always carried

a bucket of stew!

What it was for,

nobody knew!

First it turned green,

Then it turned blue!

She decided it was time for some new,

Fresher stew!

When she was asked what it was for,

She would reply

“It isn’t for you!”

She always got mad because

the other kids made fun of her.

“What kind of name is that,

Razorblade Cheesecake Kangaroo”?

They would taunt

“It’s the only name I have,”

She would reply.

“And besides,” said Razorblade Cheesecake Kangaroo,

“What kind of name is ‘Amy’, anyway?”

Quothe the hastily-named Amy:

“Forgive me, Razorblade Cheesecake Kangaroo,

I know not what I do!”


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